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Energy, the Environment and Sustainability

Towards Global Sustainable Development

This Jam forum is an ideal place to voice your environmental concerns and discuss how digital innovations can dramatically reduce global emissions and generate energy savings for businesses, taxpayers and consumers.

Collaborate and exchange ideas with leaders from industry, government and environmental organizations, who will address the challenges and opportunities of the new energy economy and how the world can move toward sustainability with digital technologies.

Main Topics
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Smart grids and smart appliances
  • Remote sensing and planetary environmental monitoring
  • Big data and climate change
  • Sustainable communities
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Jam Hosts
  • Sharon Nunes - Vice President, Government Industry Strategy & Solutions; co-presentng, IBM
  • Peter Williams - Distinguished Engineer, Chief Technology Officer, "Big Green" Innovations, IBM

VIP Guests
  • Ron Dembo - Founder and CEO of Zerofootprint
  • Sharon Nunes – VP, Government Industry Strategy & Solutions (co-presenting with Peter Williams)
  • Jean Francois Barsoum - Senior Managing Consultant, Smarter Cities, IBM
  • Alan Rose - Energy & Utilities Sector Manager, INTEL
  • Lorie Wigle - Queen of Green General Manager, INTEL
  • Patrick Gonzalez - Director Research, Group GREEN
  • John Higgins - Director General of Digital Europe
  • Robert McNamara - Head of Programmes Intellect (UK)

Jam Facilitators
  • Bill Munson - VP Policy, ITAC (Canada)
  • Sebastian Bustamente – Founder, Verdeate (Columbia)
  • Adam Itzkowitz - Co-Founder, (USA)
  • Tom Raftery - Lead Analyst, Energy and Sustainability practice, RedMonk (Spain)
  • Geoff Riggs - Project Manager, IBM
  • Gary Austin - Industry Executive Caribbean Region, IBM
  • Carey Hidaka - Smarter Water (Advanced Water Management) Executive), IBM
  • Allan Schurr - Vice President, Strategy and Development, Energy and Utilities, IBM
  • Ching Hua Chen Ritzo - Deputy Research Director, IBM
  • Yu Kit Lee - Public Sector Executive IT Architect, IBM

Key Questions
  • How can the world wean itself off fossil fuels and accelerate the invention and adoption of green energy technologies?
  • Will smart grids and intelligent energy services turn households and businesses into smarter and less intensive consumers of energy?
  • What role will digital technologies play in enabling scientists to monitor, analyze and manage environmental change on a planetary level, including global challenges such as climate change?
  • How can digital technologies enable local communities to organize effective responses to environmental challenges?