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Media, Arts & Culture in the Digital Age

The Future of Entertainment and Journalism

In this Jam forum, you can join the debate on how digital technologies are transforming the way we inform, educate and entertain ourselves, and learn how tech-savvy authors, journalists, musicians, filmmakers and artists are adapting to the digital revolution.

Exchange ideas and share your passion with creators, executives and thought leaders, who will reflect on key challenges and opportunities facing the media and the entertainment industry.

Main Topics
  • The future of news and journalism
  • New business models for music and digital entertainment
  • Arts, culture and creativity on the Internet
  • Copyright and intellectual property
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Jam Hosts
  • Anthony Williams - Author, Wikinomics
  • Saul Berman - Vice President, Global Strategy Consulting Leader, Global Innovation & Growth Service Area Leader, IBM

VIP Guests
  • Colin Batten - Head of Media & Internet, Intellect (UK)

Chat Hosts
  • Michael Geist - Professor, University of Ottawa

Jam Facilitators
  • Francois Bédard - Founder & CEO, Plan B Developpement Inc.
  • Carina Schmid - Founding Member & Manager, The Global Experience (Germany)
  • Anshul Tewari - Founder and Editor-in-Chief, YouthKiAwaaz
  • Bob Humphreys - Canadian Digital Leader, IBM
  • Adam Steinberg - Americas Media & Entertainment Industry Leader, IBM

Key Questions
  • Are technology and social media enhancing or destroying our news media and culture?
  • How are authors, journalists, musicians and other practitioners using the Web to reinvent creative and journalistic approaches?
  • How can fans and supporters of the arts engage with the creative process and/or interact with the artists they follow?
  • Are digital copyright laws encouraging or discouraging innovation and accessibility on the Internet?