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Smart Cities and Transportation

Reshaping the Urban Environment

The movement toward smart cities will be one of the most important developments of the 21st Century, and this jam session is a unique opportunity to share your ideas for sustainable urban living.

Join forces with some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners to reveal how digital technologies can help to improve land-use, enhance municipal services, ease congestion, maximize the efficiency of resources and reduce the environmental impact of our urban spaces.

Main Topics
  • The future of cities
  • Smart infrastructures and urban information systems
  • Intelligent transportation
  • Open data and municipal services
  • Urban sensing and local environmental monitoring
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Jam Hosts
  • Gerry Mooney - General Manager, Global Smarter Cities Solution Representative, IBM

VIP Guests
  • Stewart Chisholm - Program Director, Evergreen
  • Euro Beinat - Professor of Location and Context Awareness, University of Salzburg
  • Holly Knighton - Sales Executive - Global Strategic Initiatives
  • David Pickeral - Global Development Executive (ITS), IBM

Chat Hosts
  • Boyd Cohen - Founding Director, Sustainable & Urban Entrepreneurship Center at Universidad de San Andres (Argentina)
  • Pat Horgan - VP, Manufacturing, Development and Operations, IBM

Jam Facilitators
  • Abbas Ibrahim - Co-Founder, Zabatak (Egypt)
  • Kristain Kloeckl - Research Scientist, MIT Senseable City Lab (Italy)
  • David Lee - Graduate Researcher, MIT Senseable City Lab (USA)
  • Kris Lichter - Director, Marketing & Communications, Smarter Cities & Industry Solutions, IBM
  • Colin Harrison - Engineer, Smarter Cities, IBM
  • John Longbottom - canadian SmarterCiteis Leader, IBM
  • Chris Ozeroff - Canadian Transportation Executive, IBM
  • Jurij Paraszczak - Director Industry Solutions and Emerging Geos, IBM
  • Carrie Freeman - Director of Sustainable Business Innovation, Intel

Key Questions
  • How will the smart cities of two or three decades from now differ from the urban spaces that we inhabit today?
  • How can we speed up the design and adoption of smart systems in residences, workplaces, outdoor spaces and beyond?
  • How are leading municipalities leveraging open data to monitor and improve local services and municipal operations?
  • Given the reality of strained municipal budgets, how can cities afford the up-front investments required to build out smart infrastructures for transportation and other services?