ICT Investment Opportunities in Canada

Canada is an ideal place to invest with its abundance of ICT talent, easy access to North American and global markets, and healthiest financial system out of the G7 countries. Canada has boasted federal budget surpluses for the past 10 years and aims to have the G7’s lowest marginal effective tax rate on business investment by 2012.

R&D; opportunities exist across the country, often in collaboration with federal and provincial/territorial organizations, programs and academic institutions. This can include establishing a core R&D; lab in Canada or partnering with a Canadian company for R&D; services. It may also involve connecting with a Canadian university or participating in one of our centers of excellence.

Invest in Canada Today

The various regions of Canada contain expertise in specific fields and clusters of excellence in specific ICT sectors.

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For further information about doing business in Canada or to contact a Trade Commissioner in your area visit the Canadian Trade Commissioner website at www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca.

For in-depth industry-specific analysis and reports, statistics, news, events and contacts, visit Industry Canada’s website at www.ic.gc.ca/ICT.