Landmarks and Attractions

Montréal is a lively and culturally diverse city. The “joie de vivre” of its citizens is world-renowned and pronounced in every aspect of the city, from its restaurants and boutiques to its outdoor festivities, music, art, museums and more.


A 450-km network of bike paths
In the spirit of sustainable development, the city places a great deal of value on modes of active transportation, and offers more than 450 km of bike paths where cyclists can travel safely. Learn More (website of Tourisme Montréal)


Arts and culture
Arts and culture are a vital part of Montréal’s identity. Discover Montréal’s cultural wealth through its libraries and museums and impressive program of festivals, shows and events. Learn More (website of the City of Montréal)


Sports and recreation
A mountain in the heart of the city, a wealth of parks and green spaces, Olympic facilities where you can enjoy your favourite sport, more than 110 municipal swimming pools, sports and recreational centres in every borough … it’s hard to be bored in Montréal! Learn More (website of the City of Montréal)


Archives and history
A glimpse into the past through portraits of historical figures, virtual exhibitions, and the city's archives and museums. Learn More (website of the City of Montréal)


Montréal is home to more than 4,000 restaurants. Virtually every cuisine in the world is available in this culturally-diverse city. Consult the Resto Montreal website to find a restaurant that suits your palette. Learn More (website of the City of Montréal)


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