R&D Opportunities in Canada

National Research Council Canada (NRC)
The National Research Council Canada is Canada’s leading resource for R&D; and technology-based innovation, and is a valued industry partner in the ICT sector. The Council’s Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre offers Canadian firms and researchers access to state-of-the-art prototyping equipment to develop leading-edge photonic devices.


The Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC)
The Communications Research Centre is the Government of Canada’s primary laboratory for R&D; in advanced telecommunications. CRC is the only national laboratory with critical mass and expertise in wireless, broadcasting, satellite and fibre optics, components and systems.


CANARIE Inc. operates Canada’s advanced high-speed network that supports collaboration in science and technology research among Canada’s leading public research organizations and universities.


Precarn Inc.
Precarn Inc. supports market-driven commercialization of R&D; between companies and universities in intelligent systems and robotics.


Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre

National Institute for Nanotechnology

Networks of Centres of Excellence

Telecom Applications Research Alliance (Tara)


National Optics Institute (INO)

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics